Sunday, December 7, 2008

Flea's on D' Dog ~ Merry Christmas!!

Cookie (Schnauzer) Marley (Terrier Mix)

Lil Bit & Francy (Toy Poodles)

Misty & Donnie (Pomeranians)

Buster (Pug) Zoey (puggle)

Chloe - The Princess ( Maltese)

Sam & Guenther (Chihuahua's)

Yogi (Pomeranian)
Ginger (left) Gunner (Rat Terriers)
Benji (L- Cavapoo) Greta (Pekachi)

Max (Sheltie) Sunshine (Doxie)
Greta (Front) Bernie (Doxies) Michi (Yorkie)

Branson (L) Willow (R) Cocker Spaniels - They are looking for a new home contact us for more info.
Wilson (front -Havanese) Razz (white) Sassy (Blk) Mini Poodles

Mickey (L, blk) Daisey (Cava Poos) GQ (front) Vinny (back) Pomeranians

Lacey & Honey (Cavaliers)
Brownie (Chiweenie)
Ember (Pomeranian) 14 years young
Minx (Pomeranian pup)

DK (Detective Kip) Beagle ~ DK is in our prayers as he is old and not doing well. Daisy (blond) Mickey (Cavapoo's)

Izzy (front) Lulu (Yorkies)