Sunday, December 7, 2008

Flea's on D' Dog ~ Merry Christmas!!

Cookie (Schnauzer) Marley (Terrier Mix)

Lil Bit & Francy (Toy Poodles)

Misty & Donnie (Pomeranians)

Buster (Pug) Zoey (puggle)

Chloe - The Princess ( Maltese)

Sam & Guenther (Chihuahua's)

Yogi (Pomeranian)
Ginger (left) Gunner (Rat Terriers)
Benji (L- Cavapoo) Greta (Pekachi)

Max (Sheltie) Sunshine (Doxie)
Greta (Front) Bernie (Doxies) Michi (Yorkie)

Branson (L) Willow (R) Cocker Spaniels - They are looking for a new home contact us for more info.
Wilson (front -Havanese) Razz (white) Sassy (Blk) Mini Poodles

Mickey (L, blk) Daisey (Cava Poos) GQ (front) Vinny (back) Pomeranians

Lacey & Honey (Cavaliers)
Brownie (Chiweenie)
Ember (Pomeranian) 14 years young
Minx (Pomeranian pup)

DK (Detective Kip) Beagle ~ DK is in our prayers as he is old and not doing well. Daisy (blond) Mickey (Cavapoo's)

Izzy (front) Lulu (Yorkies)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

November Holidays R Coming...

~ Happy Thanksgiving WITH Many BLESSINGS ~

A beautiful Sunset at Little Paws
Detective Kip aka DK(Beagle)
Buddy (Jack Russel)

Wilson (back) Emma (Pugs)

Julienne (left) Sophie (Poms)
Uri (left) Petunia (blk) (Pugs)
Squeek (blk) Schipperke , Janey (back) & Felix Pomeranians

Ruff (left) Tumble (Pugs)
Saoirse (Min Pin) Lana (Havanese)

Hazel (back) Dazee (front) (Min Pins)
Sophie (left) Julienne (Poms)

Moose (left) Maggie (Maltese) Ariel (Doxie) Bruiser (cream), Beethovan (red/white), Sophie (cream sable) (Pekingese)

Molly (Pom)
Alfie (left) Lola (Maltese)
Brownie (Chiweenie)

Joey (front) Sophie (shirt on) - Italian Greyhounds

Speckle (Pomeranian) Sami (Mini Poodle)

Tilley (Schnoodle) Vader ( Pap mix)

Motley crew - Clover (fawn Pug), Bonsai (blk Pug), Atlas (Brussells Griffon)

Mickey (blk) Daisey (Cavapoos) Mickey(left) Milo (Pugs)

Turbo (left), Zoey (right) (Pomeranians)
Chulo (Chihuahua)
Lana (Havanese) Peanut (Long Hair Std. Doxie)

Josie (Long Hair Std Doxie)

Max (Cocker )

Milo (left) Mickey (Pugs) Junior (Yorkie)
Kilo (parti color Pom)
Papi Chulo (Chihuahua) Lace & Honey (Cavaliers)
We have overhauled the kennel with floor seal, paint and super cleaning. We gave the kennel a week off to "rest" as we feel it's healthier for a kennel to have a break. Now taking reservations for the Holiday's!!